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Publicity Committee

Mila Saldivar
Timothy Frawley

The publicity committee is responsible for the Filipino American Associations public presence. Getting the word out about FilAm is like spreading the Gospel, it is all "good news". We cannot say enough about our organization, we are young, vibrant and hard working. We especially appreciate the support and comments from our members and the public regarding our hard work and efforts in the cause of spreading this "good news".

Florentino Acosta the FilAm resident expert photographer/videographer. Almost every single picture in our Photo Gallery is due to Flor's hard work and most importantly, participation in every single FilAm event from our Annual Ball to Community Service trash pickup during the summer. Flor's dedication is second only to a small minority of FilAm members including the President himself. Without Flor's photos our website would be a much poorer place, but not only that, the photos show how much fun, how vibrant and alive our organization is. Flor's enthusiasm and never ending list of ideas keeps our organization always guessing what he will come up with next. Please feel free to take a look at more of Flor's professional work in this Special Collection of scenic photos from around Juneau.

Tim Frawley is our webmaster and is responsible for the conceptualization, design, implementation and hosting of our website. For the last 3 years the website has evolved from a few pages simply containing meeting information and upcoming events to include a Photo Gallery that is currently over 5000 images in size, automated notifications and reminders of meetings and events, a guestbook, forums, etc. etc. Our website has gone from a couple of hundred hits a month to over a thousand per day. Our listing on some of the most popular search engines has reached the first page of responses and we are receiving feedback from such far off places as Germany, South Africa, Brazil and of course, the Philippines. As far as publicity goes, the web site is definitely a hit!

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