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Electorial Information

Election Rules
Duties of the Election Committee

Electorial Forms

Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format
Filing of Candidacy
Nomination of Candidacy

Election Rules


The Election Rules where adopted during the memberships meeting held on April 5, 2003 and shall remain in effect until amended by the members.

The election goals of the association are as follows:
  • To nominate members who are in good standing and highly qualified to hold the office of the Board of Directors and be elected on their merits.

  • Provide qualified members the opportunity to be a candidate and to serve as a Board of Director.

  • Prohibit any form of nepotism* in our association.

  • Conduct a consistent, fair and impartial election without regard to the candidates.

To achieve these goals the Association has adopted the following:
  • Grouping of candidates* of more than one is strictly prohibited. Any candidates who violate this rule shall be disqualified from candidacy.

  • This does not prevent members from supporting or campaigning for one or more candidates, as they desire. However, it is prohibited to distribute campaign materials that clearly show grouping of candidates such as but not limited to sample ballots containing two or more candidates. Campaign material should be prepared for each individual candidate.

  • There shall be no more than one family member* allowed to be a candidate in an election.

  • Personal attacks, negative campaigning and vote buying in any form is not accepted in this Association and therefore strictly prohibited. Members are encouraged to report such incidents to the Election Committee.

The Election Committee is directed to investigate all reported election violations. The Election Committee is authorized to take any action the Committee deem necessary to include but not limited to: null and voiding the candidacy or election of a director.

Any change(s) to the Election Rules must be presented to the Board of Directors for approval. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, the Election Committee shall present the change(s) to the members for ratification.

Candidates Qualifications:

The individual must be a member in good standing and have the ability to Provide or contribute guidance and leadership to the association.

The individual must be a paid member as of September 30.

The individual must have at least attended two (02) meetings of the Association prior to nomination or filing of candidacy.

The individual must be residing in Juneau, Alaska.

Nomination or Filing of Candidacy Stage:

Nominations or filing of candidacy shall be held during the membership meeting on Third Saturday of October.

Before nominating someone, the member must ensure that the proposed nominee meets the qualifications for directors outlined in the Election Rules and he/she agrees to be nominated.

Members may nominate no more than one individual as candidates at any time during the nomination or filing of candidacy stage.

Qualify members may file their own candidacy by submitting a letter indicating such intentions.

Each candidate shall be allowed to make no more than five (05) minute Candidacy acceptance speech. In addition, during nomination/filing of candidacy, all candidates must submit to the Election Committee the following:

Picture and a brief biography.

A statement indicating why he or she is interested on being elected as a Filipino American Association Board of Director.

Any other statement the candidate may wish to share with the members.

  • Note: The information you provided will be put together by the Election Committee to be made available to the members during campaign stage and will also be display during the membership meeting or at any occasion sponsor by the Association before the election.

Candidates have five (05) days to withdraw their candidacy.

By accepting nomination or filing of candidacy, candidates agree to abide by Election Rules and any decision made by the Election Committee.

Campaign Stage. During this stage, members are allowed to campaign for as many candidates they wish to support. The members however, are to refrain from grouping any candidates. All flyers or literatures must be prepared individually for each candidate and shall not distribute sample ballots containing two or more candidates.

The campaign stage shall take place during the period of Third Saturday of October thru Third Friday of January. Campaigning on day of election is prohibited. (Note: The Election Committee shall provide the definite date for this purpose).

Personal attacks or negative campaigning is prohibited.

House-to-house campaigning or solicitation is allowed.

Mail out of individual campaign materials/literatures, flyers, telephone, e-mail is allowed except on Election Day.

Campaigning during Election Day is prohibited.

It is the desire of the Association that a candidate be elected on his/her own merit, therefore, grouping of candidates is prohibited.

4. Voting Stage.

The Secretary of the Association shall provide voting list to the Election Committee during the October membership meeting.

Only members who paid their membership dues by September 30 will be on the voting lists and is entitled to vote. Members who paid their dues after September 30 will be listed on a separate list and will also be provided to the Election Committee for informational purposes only.

Members may vote at any time between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on the Third Saturday of January.

The names of the candidates will appear on the ballot in alphabetical order.

Once the members cast their votes, they will exit from the voting site and shall not be allowed back in.

Sample ballots are prohibited inside the polling place and shall be Confiscated by the Election Committee.

The Election Committee will carry out the tallying of votes.

A tie will be broken by a run-off election between the two tied candidates. The run-off election will take place within seven days after the election.

5. Absentee Ballots.

To protect the confidentiality of the absentee ballots, the ballots must be placed on a security envelope and sealed by the voters. The outside flap of the envelopes must be signed by two members of the Election Committee and sealed the envelope flap using a 2" clear tape.

The Election Committee shall provide absentee ballots upon request by members who will be out of town during election. Election Committee needs to verify the member's outbound ticket only.

If the voting members is out of town before the ballot is ready, voting members may request absentee ballots thru U. S. Mail. Absentee ballots will only be mail on out of town address. Recognizing the logistic problems such as delay in our mail system, the following rules shall apply to absentee ballots request by mail:

The deadline to request for absentee ballots by mail shall be twelve (12) days prior to Election Day.

To ensure that the absentee ballots are counted it must be postmarked no later than six (06) days prior to Election Day.

Ballots received with a postmarked date after the establish deadline under 5.3.2. shall not be counted or open by the Election Committee. To protect the confidentiality of the voters, the Election Committee and witness by at least two members outside of the Election Committee, shall destroy the ballots unopened.

  • (Note: The Election Committee shall establish the definite date for the purpose of 5.3.1; 5.3.2 and 5.3.3. during the nomination stage.) A letter instructions and self addressed envelope will be included in absentee ballots.)

Members who is hospitalized the day before Election Day may request an absentee ballot.

Members who are bed ridden may request absentee ballots.

No absentee ballot shall be allowed on Election Day.

6. Tallying of Votes.

In the presence of a least two members outside of the Election Committee, the Election Committee shall compare the numbers of ballots against the Official Voting List to ensure that the numbers of ballots at hand match the number of voters signed on the Official Voting List.

Inventory the numbers of absentee ballots received against the number of requested absentee ballots. Ensure the postmarked date reflect the dates of the deadline for mailing absentee ballots. Destroyed ballots bearing a postmarked date of after establish deadline.

Tallying of votes must be witnessed by a minimum of two members outside Election Committee.

7. Proxy. There will be no voting by proxy allowed during any election.

8. Vote Buying.

Vote buying is prohibited and will result in automatic disqualification of the candidate.

Paying membership dues for somebody who is not a qualified member of your family household is prohibited. (See definition of household) To avoid any misunderstanding of vote buying all candidates and their family members shall refrain from submitting member dues other than their family household. However, you may encourage others to be a member but inform them to submit membership application and payments to appropriate Membership Committee or Election Committee.

Transporting of members to the polling place on Election Day is prohibited and will be construed as vote buying.

Providing food and beverage by the candidate for voting members before or after they cast their vote during Election Day will be construed as vote buying. This does not however include celebration after 6:00 pm when the poll is closed.

9. Any report of violation must be submitted to the Election Committee in writing within five (05) days. Report should include: names of witness, proof or evidence to support the allegation(s). The Election Committee will hold a fair and impartial hearing or investigation and render a decision within fifteen (15) days of receiving the allegation(s). If the allegation of violation proved to be true, the accused candidate shall be disqualified or removed from office. Election Committee shall prepare a report to the members.

10. In the event that the candidate was barred from taking office, the next candidate who receives the next greater number of votes will fill the position. This does not apply to vacancies created by resignation, under Article III, Section 8 or removal of directors under Article IV, Section 3 of the Bylaws.

11. The decision of the Election Committee is final.


Family members: the meaning of family members means: spouse, parent, mother/father-in-law, brother/sister-in-law, brother, sister, child, or stepchild, including first line niece, nephew, uncle and aunt.

Nepotism: have the same meaning as family members.

Grouping of Candidates: Means group or party of two (02) or more candidates.

Household members: the meaning of family members means: spouse, parent, mother/father-in-law, brother/sister-in-law, brother, sister, child, or stepchild, including first line niece, nephew, uncle and aunt permanently residing in your home.

Vote Buying: means transporting voters during election; providing food & beverage during election, paying membership dues other that family household and other personal favor, or cash.

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Duties of the Election Committee

The Election Committee shall be composed of five members: Chairperson, Co-Chairperson and three members who will be appointed by the President of the Filipino American Association of Juneau and with the approval of the Board of Directors. The committee shall serve for a period of two years. The President shall be prohibited from appointing any member of his/her family* to this committee.

The Election Committee shall be responsible for the following:
  • Hold a fair and impartial election in accordance with established Election Rules and the present Bylaws.

  • The Committee shall not endorse any candidate and shall be completely neutral in any and all election or referendum.

  • Investigate all reports of election violation and render decisions regarding the violation in a timely manner.

  • Create informational files for all candidates (information to be provided by the candidates) to be made available to members during membership meetings or on occasion held by the Association. All informational files must be uniform and in good taste.

  • Prepare ballots, instructions, and other materials required for a smooth election.

  • Members of Election Committee are authorized to accept membership dues.

  • Establish all deadline dates as required by the Election Rules during the Nominations or Filing of Candidacy Stage.

  • Provide a copy of the Election Rules to all candidates and ask them to sign an acknowledgement form of receiving a copy.

  • Publish election result.

  • Coordinate the compilation of voting list with the Secretary.

  • Arrange polling location

  • Verify the list of the membership for accuracy.


Family Members: The meaning of family members means: spouse, parent, mother/father-in-law, brother/sister-in-law, child or stepchild, including niece, nephew, uncle and auntie.

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